Yay for Chemo!!!

Mom was strong enough for chemo today!! SO relieved.  Never thought I would be happy about something as nasty as chemo, but such is life.  Thank you all for your prayers!  God is good!!


Not The Update I Hoped For

Sadly, Mom is still not strong enough to get her chemo.  That’s 3 WEEKS now.  Three weeks for the cancer to have free reign, three weeks for more of her to slip away from us, three weeks I desperately wish we could have back.  I’ve lost track of time but I think she’s almost at a month straight in the hospital.  She sounds weak over the phone, not as upbeat, and that scares me.  Please continue your prayers, especially that God will give her comfort and peace.  Thank you!!!

I think it would do Mom a world of good to hear from all of you.  Fan mail, so to speak. 🙂  I want the light back in her voice and I want her to know just how loved and supported she is by everyone!!!  Please, if you have a moment, consider dropping her a line. She is sooo happy when she gets a card. 🙂  Her address is:

Cory Piemonte

1073 Woodbury Cir, 304A

Harrisonburg, VA  22802

Thank you SO much for brightening her day in the midst of her suffering!!!


Chemo Is No Go…But That’s Ok!

So Mom was not able to get her chemo yesterday – but that’s ok. She will try again on Monday. Her nurse coordinator, Amanda, explained to me that 72 hours or so won’t make a difference in terms of cancer growth, and that made me feel a little better. She also said Mom’s body really just needs a break right now and this is the time for her to rebuild her strength. Props to Amanda for being our angel for two years now!!

Mom sounded good when I talked to her today. She’s been eating well and resting and letting people take care of her. It never ceases to amaze me that I have never heard her indulge in self-pity, not even once. She is incredible.

I Hate Days Like This…

Yesterday Mom was scheduled to receive her usual chemo, but this time when they did her pre-bloodwork, her white cell count was too low.  They are going to re-test on Thursday and hopefully she will be strong enough to get it then.  Mom is as fiesty as ever – when I talked to her she was campaigning to have her blood tested every day, just in case her count went up sooner! 🙂  This is what we love about her: not even terminal cancer can get her down.  She will fight to kick its a$$ until the very end.

The other thing I hate about this day is that Mom hasn’t commented on a few pics I’ve texted her (sunny beach, pretty flowers, things to make her smile)…and it has nothing to do with the pictures.  I asked her if she was getting them, and she hesitated before she said yes.  You see, she is getting them…she just can’t see them. That killed me.  She hasn’t had vision in her left eye for quite a while now, but I was entirely unprepared for this.  The chemo makes her right eye “run” constantly, so her vision is always blurry, like an eye full of tears.  She had kept it a secret from us as long as she could, knowing it would be upsetting.  Couldn’t God have let her keep her EYESIGHT, for crying out loud???  Life is so unfair at times.

Again, thank you for all the prayers!

A Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!! I’m so happy to tell you that this was a good day for Mom – she deserves it!!! She sounded good and her voice was stronger than it has been in a long time. We were able to talk for a long time before she got too tired, the longest she’s been able to talk for many weeks. So, so, good to talk to my mama on her special day and hear the brightness of her good spirits!! She’s a fighter, that one. We love you Mom, more than we could ever put into words. Love you always and forever!! XOXOXO